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 Crenshaw  Montessori Academy was established in the heart of Los Angeles,  California in 1977 to serve children ages 2 through First Grade. Our  Paramount goal is the education of the whole child.  

First-Rate Curriculum

 The early years  are the peak learning years when the child is forming concepts, values,  attitudes and skills basic to all fields of learning. Our specialized,  self-paced curriculum allows each child the comfort and ability to  progress according to their own unique capability.

Our Mission


Our staff  has more than a decade of experience. We believe each child should  develop a love of learning based on numerous enjoyable experiences in  our scholastic setting.

Our School

The  Montessori technique is known for its unique approach to teaching  advanced academics. Our instructional modes center on our self-paced,  sequentially organized curriculum whereby children read and write far  beyond their age level.

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